Monday, October 08, 2012

Dump Microsoft

Don't use Microsoft products, about two weeks ago I finally made the switch to Linux, Xubuntu to be exact. It's impossible for me to use Microsoft products anymore due to the changes that I can't fix without the source code.

Not only that, who knows what's in that source code, really?. We already know Microsoft gave a back door to the NSA. Can you guys say with 100% certainty that the Chinese didn't build a back door in for the attacks in 2010?. Can you, any of you say for 100% certainty that the MPAA or RIAA doesn't have or will not have back doors?.

You already know Microsoft has done it in the past. Microsoft is a dodgy company with an even more unsound past. I do not trust them and I'm finished with their products. Microsoft is a bully and forces other companies to comply or face consequences in the form of being locked out of anything they do in the future; probably even threats of Patent lawsuits.

Microsoft doesn’t give a damn about you, look at Windows 8. They removed years of innovation and then took it all away. In all likelihood, It’s a move by Microsoft and OEM partners to force you to buy a Touch screen Monitor.

The good news is this, Microsoft is hurting right now, their Windows Phone sells are in the tank and most people think Windows 8 will be a failure. The other good news is that Linux is a viable alternative to Windows now, and they feel threatened by it; Macintosh computers are also a great choice. There is NO reason for you to put up with Microsoft and It’s bullshit anymore.

If you play Console games, like the XBox, which is a Microsoft product, you don’t need to anymore. There are alternatives coming out, like Ouya, you don’t need and shouldn’t need to pay fees to play games. Also the Playstation has no fees and is an excellent alternative.

If I can ditch Microsoft from my life, you can too. Put your mind to it and show those dirty bastards where they can shove it.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cybercrime Law

Just dropping by to say the following:

I AM SO F*CKING HAPPY to see the Cybercrime law passed in the Philippines. Now you scammers will get exactly what you deserve, 14 years in jail. If you have ever been a victim of a Filipino scammer, this is your time to rejoice!.