Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Well, since day one I wasn't sure why I posted the prediction about Michael Jackson being acquitted. I'm not at all 100% about that one. I'm sure that common sense says that he will recieve some type of punishment. I am 100% that it won't be too severe, of course it depends on your view of severe.

We have a new pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The next to the last pope he is, he will pave the way for the last pope and will die shortly before WWIII. Peter will be the last pope. ALL signs point to the Arabs vs everyone else in the last war (WWIII), and we are already seeing the start of this war.

You can like it or not, frankly I don't care, but it will and is going to happen. Period.

Friday, April 01, 2005

An historic event is taking place in Rome, Pope John Paul II is passing before our eyes. an amazing man that speaks 8+ languages and has traveled the world and brought hope to all, an amazing man that contributed to the fall of Communism, he will be missed.

We will remember, God Bless.