Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Would you like plastic with those fries?

Plastic Surgery was originally invented during WWI to reconstruct the faces of veterans coming home with mangled faces. Today, we have perverted the procedure to the point where Plastic Surgery is for people who are insecure.

If there is one thing I have learned from life, it is to never have a Girlfriend who has had Plastic Surgery. Only insecure people have Buttock, Breast and other procedures done, and this ultimately leads to a very unhealthy relationship.

And increasingly, Men are starting to reject the idea of 'fake boobs' in favor of something more natural. Look Ladies, if a guy loves you, he will not tell you to get Breast implants okay. Also, once you get those implants, your skin is permanently stretched, so getting them out for any reason will look worse than if you had never had them. And in recent News, it was recommended to change them every 5-10 years due to Health related problems.

Lot's of Tanning going on these days also, too bad, If you people had half a brain you would know Sun exposure substantially increases Wrinkles -- which inevitably brings us back to Plastic Surgery (Botox). Hey White people, if God had wanted you to be a Latino, you would have been born that way, Mmk?.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I don't understand Republicans (Conservatives), President Obama stated before he was elected, the problems with the economy will not be resolved in one term. He still has five months before his first term is over and yet these clowns were complaining about the economy and jobs, only a few months after he was elected.

The Republicans also say the 'people' want change now -- change to a conservative. Well excuse me, did we not have a conservative in office not long ago?. Does the name George Bush ring a bell?. And what did Mr. Bush do, he forced us into not one but two wars and tanked, totally tanked our economy. No thanks, I do not want a Republican in office.

And people need to understand something, the President of the United States can't MAKE Jobs. Only companies can do that. So please, just STFU okay. Nothing burns me up more than people who are unable to harness their brain power to figure out simple things.