Monday, May 31, 2010

For the love of God, man! Just stick a General-purpose Bomb down there somewhere and close this baby off!

The current operation of trying to shear off the top portion and installing a LMRP to collect the Oil will fail. They already tried to pump 'Mud' to clog it up....Nada. The force of the Oil gushing out is too much for this piece to stay on top and collect.

After this currently underway operation fails, and it will, the amount of Oil that will go into the Gulf is going to be Catastrophic.

Time to drop a bomb and close this puppy up Obama.....let's roll.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fu*king BP

An absolutely massive amount of Oil is leaking into our ocean while people sit on their asses!. Dispersants are being used only to break the Oil up so it can float under the surface, out of sight.

Well, if I wanted to clean up an Oil spill, I would rather have it floating on the surface so I can see it and clean it up.

'Top Kill' I hear, is being paused now and some cameras turned off. This to me incites images of BP covering something up. I assume it's not working.

Mr. President, please get the Military out there and blow that hole shut. This is serious guys.