Friday, January 27, 2006

I had the great opportunity to chat with a 21 year old from palestine. I really feel bad that all these people in the middle east have to be in constant fear all the time. This poor guy was scared to death of going to school for fear of being killed.

This is very sad.

I urge people, Please stop all this killing! Look at what you are doing to people, it's not right. This poor guy is living in fear of being killed. I hate all this war and death, please stop!.

These people in the middle east are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of chatting with. They shouldn't have to fear leaving the house. American news needs to get it's act together and stop painting these people as being evil.

Some of them may have gone astray and become a bad apple but they are not all like this. Nobody should have to live in fear of being killed.

"In the first stages, this third antichrist will point out external enemies to give strength to his strategies. He will strive for a strong military and a firm control over his nation and people, their opinions and actions. The antichrist and his close followers have the uncanny ability to manipulate and convince people of the right of their actions and their methods. Under other circumstances these methods would be unnecessary, unacceptable, wrong or illegal.

In order to expand his power, established international agreements get canceled or changed. Rules that apply to all nations will not be allowed to apply to him or his people.

The antichrist will follow a strategy of expansion: nations will be manipulated, countries invaded and control of natural resources reallocated in order to improve the quality of life of his own people and to ensure their safety and future development. The consequences of the growth and success of this one nation will negatively affect other countries. Initially the politics followed, will cause international unrest, discussion, frustration, doubts, unbelief etcetera but no actions.

Since the third antichrist is likely to be the leader of a technically and economically very advanced nation he will have access to advanced powerfull sciences, technology and weapons. This dominating position will further facilitate manipulating other countries to join or to commend his actions. His main aim will be to remove the impact any consequences that his expansive actions might entail for him, his followers and his nation by focussing and further developing military defence systems and building up a strong secret service."

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My goodness, the third antichrist sounds like George Bush.

Monday, January 16, 2006

You know what?, I wouldn't mind at all if a republican was president as long as the senate and the house are controlled by democrats. Mainly what I'm looking for is balance.

I'd totally vote for hillary clinton if she ran, or al gore. Mostly because they are linked to bill clinton whom I believe is one of the best presidents of my time. For your info, I was born when jimmy carter was president.

Myself, I'm mostly a CNN guy. I use to watch MSNBC but all they talked about was how rich the anchors were. Then I switched to Fox News, boy, those guys are stuck so far up the presidents ass that they don't know up from down. Then came CNN, who I find cater to (mostly) what I believe.

Really though, I don't like any of them, they only give half the story most of the time. I got a buddy in the middle east that I chat with that tells me stuff sometimes and it's nothing like what is reported in the states. Not to mention that they love to put fear in people all the time, like "there's a bomb over here" or "Iran has a nuke aimed at us". it's all bologna.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

"The day the blogging died"

Well, looks like old fashioned blogging is dead now that big corporations have taken over. To blog use to mean that a regular joe went to his blog and wrote whatever he felt like writing about.

Now it seems that all the bloggers are Journalists owned by the likes of GE, Ted Turner, etc. Of course it's not possible for them to write their true feelings in their blog, it would be like the Coke guy drinking Pepsi, they would get fired.

But, like everything else, the sheep will flock thinking it's real. It's unfortunate that the big guys have come along and ruin everything that is good. Heck, they ruined the Internet and own the government.

They can kiss my blogger ass. I don't own up to anyone.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I go out of my way to avoid any type of trend. Nothing more idiotic than a bunch of clown's doing the same thing.
Everybody watches the same shows on tv, everybody wears the same shoes. How unbelievably stupid.

The same cheaply made, overpriced crap made by some kid in Korea.

No thank you.