Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"President Obama"

I'm so happy that I finally voted for somebody that actually won!. I sincerely hope that he will be a president for all of America; not just part. Unfortunately, because of his race; I fear this new president will have a very tough road. If you're alive right now, this is surely something for you to remember.

Congrats Barack Obama!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Hit the bottom"

I can feel myself falling into a deep, dark hole.
Nothing to keep me company but the music in my head.

As the hands on the clock move ever so slowly
I feel myself falling faster and faster.

No more light is visible.
No bottom can I feel.

Welcome to my world.

P.S. Don't take everything here seriously, I'm just venting.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"To: All Georgia Residents"

Note to all Georgia Residents, Sen. Saxby Chambliss votes FOR the financial bill in the senate. He voted for Socialism and against our current Capitalism economics by voting for this bill. So come Nov. 4th; vote him out!.

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Financial Bailout"

Fantastic job Republicans!. Ladies and gentlemen, the world Isn't going to end because of a nay vote on a 700 Billion dollar wall street giveaway. Let the companies fail and reboot America.

People have gone on too long buying things they couldn't afford and now you need to deal with the consequences. The world is not ending; the media should stop fueling fear.

Buy, buy, buy got you all into this debacle and a crash and burn will get you out. Learn to live within your means people; no second car and no HDTV!.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"No Gas!"

Wow, there is zero gas in four counties around me. I was allowed to get Ten Dollars worth before one closed down. Not to mention the prices went up a whole Dollar overnight.

I got gas at one station that had all the gas nozzles blocked off but the expensive premium. Very strange that yesterday they had plenty of gas. These small towns like mine didn't run out overnight.

These stations are gouging people and something needs to be done. We already know the Government is (literally) in bed with big oil.

Monday, September 08, 2008

"Another TV Rant"

Isn't it interesting? CNN, FOX, NBC etc. are so keen to show bloody and dead people, yet something so natural as nudity is censored at it's birth.

I just can't understand it. So where are the Parents Television Council on all that death? Nonexistent. Every single person reading this should be outraged!.

Email the a-holes (letters@parentstv.org or editor@parentstv.org) and tell them to butt out of our Television. And while you're at it, email those clowns at the FCC (fccinfo@fcc.gov) and tell them too!.

Read below to understand my war with these people.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Censorship in America"

I feel that I must write about this. After watching Brazilian and French Television, I feel that those guys have got the right Idea about Censorship.
Less Violence and just the right amount of sexual content. Example, breasts and behind are just fine. And why not? It's natural.

Let me ask some of the hardcore Religious people a question. Do you get nude when you bathe, or do you keep your clothes on?.
Did you know that it was the Devil that made us wear clothes, not God?.

I say, show the breast and behind and censor the genitals. And show FAR less violence on American TV. Who cares if Janet Jackson accidentally expose a partially covered up breast?. That incident was the most re-watched scenes for that time period.

Yeah, I believe in God. But I don't think that he believes in Censorship. And neither do I. Disband the FCC and piss on their grave.

You know, Networks are partially to blame for this also. They claim their advertisers won't go for nudity on TV. I digress, BBC America doesn't seem to have a problem with partial nudity and advertisers. And the Networks use to show nudity and not have issues either.

It's time these Moral Rebels take a Chill Pill and allow Television to catch up to Civilization.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


So Louis Leterrier, who has about four movies under his belt, will be directing the remake of "Clash of the Titans" in 2010. Well, Clash is one of my favorites and I'd hate to see a hack director with so little experience screw it up.

Don't get your hopes up Clash fans, this one will surely bomb from too much bloom and music video style, fast paced action scenes. Do us a favor Hollywood, stay the flip away from our classics.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I think it's about time we took a harsh stand against Russia's aggressive actions against Georgia.

I say we offer Military Aid to Georgia and force the Russian's to withdraw if they don't accept the Cease Fire Agreement. Don't worry about Russian nukes, if they used those, they would cease to exist as a country.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Laura & Obama"

Laura Ingraham doesn't have a problem with Airsoft guns...Hey Laura, point one at an officer at night and let's see if you still don't have a problem with them.

And Obama saying that Ludacris is a great artist?!? Lol. That tell's me right there Obama has zero taste in real music. If Hip-Hop is music, then Laura Ingraham is the best thing to happen to the media since the television camera.

I'll admit, Hip-Hop is musical, but not real music. A guy (or girl) standing on stage reciting poetry (not singing) with a synthetic beat. Nope, not music.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Flat Broke"

I have no sympathy for people with three or more kids, that complain all the time that they have no money and they hate their life. If you had been able to control your sexual behavior, you wouldn't be in that boat.

Wear a friggin' rubber people.

Friday, May 23, 2008

"The forgotten generation"

They say this generation of kids are the "forgotten" generation. Well, yeah. Look at them, they're on drugs and are about as smart as a sack of hammers.

They're just not worth it. Brain dead Idiots that care only about how well they look, sex, drugs and crappy music. Kids these days wouldn't know real music if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

That's why they're forgotten. And unless it can be fixed (highly doubtful) I prefer to keep it that way.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Students and Teachers"

Students aren't learning anything these days. My little brother says he learns more from educational programs than school.

I'm against raising wages for teachers. There are some pretty careless and do-nothing teachers out there teaching. And students who just don't want to learn.

I say put the students who don't want to learn, in classes with teachers who could care less. And put the students who do want to learn in the classes with teachers who care.

Raise wages for the teachers who's students do good and allow the wages for the bad apples to stagnate. Along with the students, the problem of students and teachers will work itself out in the end. Automatically.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm sick of people saying the Soldiers in Iraq are there protecting our freedom and crap.

For the last f'n time, Iraq has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. Iraq is about a man (Bush Jr.) finishing what his daddy started in 1991.

The next clown that says the Soldiers are dying for us and protecting us (In Iraq) is gonna get KO'd.

Monday, May 12, 2008

"Obama Supporters"

90% of Black Obama voters are voting for him because.....um.....he's black. Is this country F*cked up or what?.

Well, don't worry. He's a one term president. Almost no experience. If you people are going to vote, vote for the one that knows how to fix things, don't vote because he has the same color skin as you.

If anything, John McCain will probably win. Because half of the Democrats won't vote for Obama. And we already know there are more Red (Republican) states than Blue (Democrat) states.

Heck, you can't even run for president these days unless you're a millionaire and a corrupt lawyer.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This Blogger Supports Hillary Clinton.

Hillary '08