Monday, December 31, 2012

The Linux Diet (Part 1)

Allow me to help you leave the Microsoft world by following my Linux diet. The first thing you want to do, is make up your mind to make the full-time switch to Linux. Make sure to make a final backup of all the things you want to keep. Burn it a Disk or USB drive and take all your Microsoft Software and put the backup and the Software in a Box, seal it and throw it in your closet.

Download, and pop in a Copy of Xubuntu and reboot, making sure you have your BIOS set to boot to the device you are installing Xubuntu to and make sure Secure Boot is OFF. I highly recommend version 12.04 LTS of Xubuntu. Go though the install process until it asks you how you want to partition the drive and tell it you want to use ALL of the drive, no dual booting, it’s highly important.

Dual booting is a no-no due to hooks Microsoft has to pull you back to dirty Windows, the same tactics Cigarette makers use to get you to smoke just one more. Now that you have Xubuntu installed, on first boot you will need to install a few hundred MBs of Updates and Reboot.

You are going to see something similar to Mac, you probably don’t like this, neither did I. So let’s change it. Right click the bottom Panel and select Panel Preferences. You can delete this Panel by clicking the remove Icon next to the ‘+’. Go to Panel Preferences for the top Panel and Unlock it, then drag it down to the bottom, lock it again.

In the post below I show you how to change a few other things. If you would like a Quick Launch we can add one manually, the built in one sucks. Go to Panel>Panel Preferences and click the Tab called Items. Here there are things you can remove, when you click ‘+’ there are many things you can add. I’m hoping you are smart enough to figure most of this out, so I will tell you the basics.

After the Applications menu you will have a Separator, followed by 6 Launchers and another Separator. For mine, after that last Separator, I have Window Buttons, Network Monitor, Separator, Notification Area, Weather Update, Separator and Date and Time. Right click each blank Launcher and click the ‘+’ where you can search or browse through for Apps to add.

Here are some tips: If you don’t like your monitor going blank and powering off, In the Apps menu go to Settings and Settings manager and click Screensaver. Click the Advanced tab and unselect Power Management.

Go back and click Session and Startup, in the Application Startup tab uncheck ‘Network’. This is useless if you have an always on Ethernet connection. And the Network Monitor I showed you before is better for this and has Flashing Lights.

Back in the Settings, click Power Manager, Under ‘On AC’ you can put all the sliders on ‘Never’ if you dislike things powering off automatically. Of course, this is all how I like mine, feel free to adjust things the way you want them. And never install ‘Nautilus’ in Xubuntu, it can cause stability issues.

Your File Manager is called Thunar, Thunar has an issue where on 1st open it will take a VERY long time to start. Here is the Resolution for this:

“Edit the file /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/network.mount (as root) and change AutoMount to false. This disables the Network browsing when Thunar starts up, but still lets you mount network storage such as Samba shares on demand.” That will take care of your problem.

Ipconfig in Linux is ‘ifconfig’. CTRL+C will end a command in the Terminal window, Like a never-ending Ping request. In the Terminal, ‘free -m’ will show your free memory (-/+ buffers/cache under 'free'). And ‘df’ in the Terminal will show Hard Drive info.

This concludes this part of Me, helping You move away from a truly evil company. So, welcome to the Linux Club. The first rule of the Linux Club is; you don’t talk about Microsoft!.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Smart TVs Hacked + Xubuntu Tips

It's official, Smart TVs are now considered Hacked.  The WiFi enabled TVs are the ones that were Hacked. And the devices that have a Camera attached can be used to watch you, even post a live feed to the Internet.

If you don't like it, you should contact the TV makers and tell them you don't want anymore Smart TVs. Also because they are closed source, you may never get an update to fix the problem; especially if your one year warranty has expired. If it has expired, simply put, you're f*cked.

Smart TVs are also a bad idea because Tech changes so fast and most of the Included Tech will be outdated and non-functional within a few months to a year. The only reason they add the Tech is because if they made a basic TV, the price would be too cheap to make a profit.

Ok, Xubuntu tip:

After installing, right click somewhere on the bottom dock and go into the settings for the panel. Somewhere in there you will see a Panel #1 and #2. I think (It's been a long time I'm sorry) it's Panel #2 you want to remove.

Now, the top bar. Same thing, go into the prefs and what you want to do here is Unlock it. While it still has the 'Ants' around it, drag it to the bottom where the dock use to be. Looking more familiar right?.

Go to your start menu > Settings > Settings manager. Go into 'Appearance' and 'Window manager' and select 'Redmond' in both places.

Right Click the 'Start menu' button and select Properties. In the Text field 'Button Title' you can name your start menu, I chose 'Menu'. make sure 'Show Button Title' is check. Beside 'Icon' you can click the current Icon and browse through and select any number of Icons (or your own) to use as the Menu Icon.

Next time we will a Quick Launch group and other stuff. It's a bit difficult because my system is already setup and I can't remember what I did, but we will try.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Developers and Users

Tip of the day: Windows is a placeholder on a new computer to download a Linux ISO to Install. --Mike Frett

Any Developers read my Blog?. If you are a Game dev, I would like to propose something to you, as follows.

Let's say you make a video game on Direct X and decide you want to port it to Mac and Linux, It's going to be difficult you know. Let's say you make that same video game using OpenGL. You have now saved yourself lots of back-breaking coding. Not to mention the 5-20% you saved by not paying licensing fees to Microsoft. You should also look into cross platform game engines such as Ogre and Unity.

Devs, Linux welcomes you with open arms and freedom. Valve has seen the light and realizes the users are sick of Microsoft and want a divorce from their chains.
Yes, Linux has some problems, but so does Microsoft. That $200 sound card you bought two years ago? Yeah, it won't work on the new Windows OS; and you can't fix it because the source code is closed. But Linux welcomes your Audio card.

It's also known now that regular Ubuntu inserts Amazon ads into search results. Now listen, this is a non-issue since it's Open Source and can/has been changed. A far cry from Windows 8, which natively has MANY ads coded into Apps you install. Try changing those on that closed system!.

Microsoft is now also testing the water with something called 'Blue'. They want you to buy a new PC/Upgrade EVERY YEAR now and support for these products will end faster, and drivers will be unavailable quicker than ever. That means more endless searching on the Internet to figure out how to make your two year old add-in card or Webcam work. When all you have to do in Linux is simply plug it in and it works.

I hate to say it (not really hehe) but Microsoft is increasingly irrelevant. It's time for users to move on to a platform that doesn't punish and spy on you. It's time for Linux.

I have been using Xubuntu 12.04 (an Official! *Buntu) for one year now and can never see myself going back to a closed Microsoft OS, EVER. I hope, from now on, I can post tips here to help Linux users migrating from dirty Windows to Linux. From one Newbie to another.

Happy Computing!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election 2012

As I predicted many months ago, Obama get's four more years as President. And that's a good thing for the Middle class and the Poor.

One thing, keep an eye on Georgia, the Republican state. Every election it get's more and more Blue due to more Blacks and Latinos voting. I predict in the years to come, Georgia will, shockingly, become a Blue state.

And I'm sorry, but White people just don't matter anymore. Just face the facts, you are not incredibly important to the election. Blacks and Latinos are the future and that's BAD news for Republicans.

I'm disappointed by the low turnout of Blacks and Latinos, you guys need to drag your friends and family to the Polls. I hope to see an increase in four years. It's bad for America and bad for you if you allow Republicans to win next time, running on their current platform of hate.

And please, Tea Party, go away. You are irrelevant and should be classified as a Terrorist organization due to your extremist views.

I hope during Midterms, to see higher turnout amongst Blacks and Latinos. We need to get those Republicans out of office. So let's do it and here's to four more years!.

Friday, November 02, 2012

It's only Garbage

Planned obsolescence, or, Corporations solidifying profits by forging products that break down prematurely. It’s going to be the downfall of mankind as huge amounts of radiant Plastic and Aluminium, glitter at your local land fill.

Remember that old floor model CRT that Mom and Pop had, It lasted a good 20 years right?. You’re lucky if your new LCD/LED flat panel lasts past the manufacturers warranty, which is usually about one calendar year.

The problem with these new devices is as follows; It usually costs more to repair the Item, than to purchase a new one. That’s why we have the name “The throw-away” generation. Personally, I have lost any hope that I ever had for Humanity. We are absolutely hopeless and it can’t be changed at this point.

This is what happens when you, the People, give total control of your life over to the Corporation. Let’s face the fact’s here, nothing will ever get done because at this point on the Human time-line, we are too damned lazy to petition our Government, we can’t be bothered to do such a simple task because there Isn’t a button for it.

And most Politicians don’t respond to Email as they would a hand written letter or a phone call. But we don’t use our Phones to make  actual calls anymore now do we?. I have accepted we are beyond repair and can only wish for the same fate as the Mayans and Dinosaurs received.

The Hippies in the 60‘s and 70‘s were right. Too bad for us, we did not listen. Tell your Dad, I mean, Corporations where they can stick it; I might start having some Faith in Humans. And for goodness sakes, don't use Microsoft products, they are riddled with secret, Government backdoors to Spy on you!. Check out the NSA/Windows 2000 link [here] as an example.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Dump Microsoft

Don't use Microsoft products, about two weeks ago I finally made the switch to Linux, Xubuntu to be exact. It's impossible for me to use Microsoft products anymore due to the changes that I can't fix without the source code.

Not only that, who knows what's in that source code, really?. We already know Microsoft gave a back door to the NSA. Can you guys say with 100% certainty that the Chinese didn't build a back door in for the attacks in 2010?. Can you, any of you say for 100% certainty that the MPAA or RIAA doesn't have or will not have back doors?.

You already know Microsoft has done it in the past. Microsoft is a dodgy company with an even more unsound past. I do not trust them and I'm finished with their products. Microsoft is a bully and forces other companies to comply or face consequences in the form of being locked out of anything they do in the future; probably even threats of Patent lawsuits.

Microsoft doesn’t give a damn about you, look at Windows 8. They removed years of innovation and then took it all away. In all likelihood, It’s a move by Microsoft and OEM partners to force you to buy a Touch screen Monitor.

The good news is this, Microsoft is hurting right now, their Windows Phone sells are in the tank and most people think Windows 8 will be a failure. The other good news is that Linux is a viable alternative to Windows now, and they feel threatened by it; Macintosh computers are also a great choice. There is NO reason for you to put up with Microsoft and It’s bullshit anymore.

If you play Console games, like the XBox, which is a Microsoft product, you don’t need to anymore. There are alternatives coming out, like Ouya, you don’t need and shouldn’t need to pay fees to play games. Also the Playstation has no fees and is an excellent alternative.

If I can ditch Microsoft from my life, you can too. Put your mind to it and show those dirty bastards where they can shove it.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cybercrime Law

Just dropping by to say the following:

I AM SO F*CKING HAPPY to see the Cybercrime law passed in the Philippines. Now you scammers will get exactly what you deserve, 14 years in jail. If you have ever been a victim of a Filipino scammer, this is your time to rejoice!.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rusty Past

If you were born anytime before the 90's, you would remember, despite the Wars and rumors of Wars; despite the 'goings on'. Things were much, much better.

The rude and ill-tempered types were rare and things were much simpler to grasp. Now, people rarely meet face to face, we only need to step outside or watch Television to see the bad Apples of Technology.

Gone, are the days where things lasted well beyond their Warranty. Gone are the days in which Politicians were here to help the people, and not the Corporations. Wisdom has dwindled to all but a glimmer of it's past.

Life as we know it now, is one spectacular Pigsty. Everyone is offended by everything and your kids are trading nude pictures of themselves on their iPhones. You have no control over any of this.
It's well beyond fixable.

At some point you think you see kindness, but looking through a rusty past that's been twisted by our modern interpretations, it's unclear what you see. But still you look, squinting your eyes, trying to find hope in hopelessness. All the time knowing, the worst is yet to come.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scammers Daddy

You guys are gonna love this one. I'm currently amassing a database of Men that continue to, stubbornly, fund these Filipino scammers. It's taken four years to accumulate and steal these screen names and place faces on them.

And I'll say the following, there are some big shot people we are talking about, CEOs and the like. It's going to be a riot watching co-workers giggle at their boss. That's not to say what the wife will say about their closet homosexual partner.

Don't expect it anytime soon, it took four years to gather, and probably quite some time for me to put it all together. So just hang tight, and if your name happens to be on this huge list; maybe you should find a different hobby.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mystery Meat

They're saying Meat is going to be a Luxury item in 5-7 years time. This is due to overpopulation of the planet and not enough food to go around.

I think to myself -- so?. When I was a kid, we raised Chickens, caught our own Fish and hunted for meats such as Deer. We've done it before, we can do it again, let the rich assholes have their 'Luxury' Items.

What are they planning for the less fortunate? Insects. Grasshoppers, Crickets and such; all ground up and spiced up into what many of us know as 'Mystery Meat' and sold to the masses. Sounds really nice eh.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Damn Dirty Conservatives

Why is the word 'Conservative' still being used to describe Republicans?. There is nothing conservative about a republican. You think George Bush was bad? Wait until you clowns elect Romney.
Romney will ship all your jobs overseas and remove your unemployment benefits. So good luck living under that bridge until you find a Job. And good luck finding a Job.

Did you know that under President Obama, companies have been bringing Jobs back to America?. And what's all this talk about a bad economy?. If the economy is so bad, as you say, them why are you buying shit you don't need, like iPhones and iPads?. There is nothing wrong with the economy, but there is something wrong with Republicans.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I would just like to give everyone a heads up. If you visit my Blog to get information about Filipino Scamers, this is news for you. I have been working very hard, and many times, undercover; to track down and do everything within my power to report Filipino Scammers, but I can't do it alone.

So from this day forward, you are now part of my army. Recently the scammers have been using a combination of  PayPal, Skype and host sites like Cam4 to trick users into sending money via PayPal and not 'giving the goods'. This also cheats the host site of funds.

If you feel you have been victim of this crime, please contact authorities in the Philippines, probably Angeles City, since most of this activity comes from there. Angeles City is a hotbed of STD ridden Prostitutes and Scammers. Also you can use the 'Report' function on most of these sites to report the activity. be sure to include snippets of the conversation and details of the Scam operators information.

Thank You,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Would you like plastic with those fries?

Plastic Surgery was originally invented during WWI to reconstruct the faces of veterans coming home with mangled faces. Today, we have perverted the procedure to the point where Plastic Surgery is for people who are insecure.

If there is one thing I have learned from life, it is to never have a Girlfriend who has had Plastic Surgery. Only insecure people have Buttock, Breast and other procedures done, and this ultimately leads to a very unhealthy relationship.

And increasingly, Men are starting to reject the idea of 'fake boobs' in favor of something more natural. Look Ladies, if a guy loves you, he will not tell you to get Breast implants okay. Also, once you get those implants, your skin is permanently stretched, so getting them out for any reason will look worse than if you had never had them. And in recent News, it was recommended to change them every 5-10 years due to Health related problems.

Lot's of Tanning going on these days also, too bad, If you people had half a brain you would know Sun exposure substantially increases Wrinkles -- which inevitably brings us back to Plastic Surgery (Botox). Hey White people, if God had wanted you to be a Latino, you would have been born that way, Mmk?.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I don't understand Republicans (Conservatives), President Obama stated before he was elected, the problems with the economy will not be resolved in one term. He still has five months before his first term is over and yet these clowns were complaining about the economy and jobs, only a few months after he was elected.

The Republicans also say the 'people' want change now -- change to a conservative. Well excuse me, did we not have a conservative in office not long ago?. Does the name George Bush ring a bell?. And what did Mr. Bush do, he forced us into not one but two wars and tanked, totally tanked our economy. No thanks, I do not want a Republican in office.

And people need to understand something, the President of the United States can't MAKE Jobs. Only companies can do that. So please, just STFU okay. Nothing burns me up more than people who are unable to harness their brain power to figure out simple things.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Crap..Google is changing Blogger. Why can't company's leave well enough alone?. Anyway I wanted to make the following post about UFO's. I'm probably one of the few people to see a real UFO, not space junk or sun flare. I was 8 years old, lying in bed when an object shot across my window; I was too frightened to get out of bed.

Whilst I was left wondering what it was, some 10 seconds later the object shot across my window again, this time it came to an abrupt stop. Let me explain, this object moved at a monumental speed and just suddenly stopped in mid-air and hovered for a few seconds; directly in my sight, but a few miles away. The object was oval shaped and had a tremendously bright-white glow about it, but it did not hurt my eyes to view it.

After about 3 seconds of a complete standstill, this spacecraft made an extraordinary exit by propelling off and slightly upwards at a great speed. I have never seen anything like that and I will always remember my encounter with an Alien race not of this planet.

The following picture is my drawing of my UFO (With stars for added effect) :

With added 'stars' =)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Think about this: A Serial Killer that kills only Republicans. Now that would be fucking hilarious.