Sunday, August 28, 2005

"The perfect storm"

This is the big one folks! Hurricane Katrina is a massive cat 5 and to be quite frank, is going to be nothing short of catastrophic.

My heart goes out to the people that didn't make it out of the cities that are in it's path. However, this 27 year old strongly believes that this is only the beginning of things like this, we need to get use to this type of thing as hard as that may sound.

Next time you fire up that gas guzzler, think about how you may be contributing to this fury of mother nature. Of course we all know that nobody really cares about the earth and how we are effecting it, that's unfortunate.

All the best

EDIT: Well, doesn't look like it's gonna do much does it? It's mostly on land but I'm watching the cameras and not much wind. Is Katrina a fluke? We shall see.

EDIT #2 : Nope! Wasn't a fluke. 200 people didn't die, but it was still pretty bad.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It sickens me to hear Bush's sheep say that it's "Anti-American" to protest a war that was waged using false information.

I have a message for all you Bush followers. YOU are Anti-American for supporting a President that is destroying this country economically, morally, environmentally and sooo many other ways.

Shame on you, you should pack your bags and move to china or something. Just get out. Oh yeah, I support Pat Robertson, all he said is that if the assassination is cheaper than war, than why not just kill him? Not a damn thing wrong with that comment.