Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lets talk about the Bird Flu (H5N1). They say we have no immunity to it, but yet it is similar to the 1918 flu. That means that if any of your family had that strain in 1918 and survived, then YES, we DO have a bit of immunity to this strain of flu, however small it may be.

So please, if you watch the news all day long, change the channel would ya? stop listning to the bull and go out for some fresh air. It's nothing but scare tactics to put fear into the people and keep them consuming goods and being dependant on a government who are in my opinion, terrorists.

And please, go out and vote this week would ya!. Let's shake this system up. Voting is the only tool the people have against the government, use it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm going to be as straight as possible right now. I absolutely despise the Republican party, they are a bunch of over-organized nazi criminals hell bent on running America into the ground with no chance of recovery.

If it's one thing I have found out about the Republicans, it's the fact that they hate poor people with a passion. May they rot in hell in 2008.

Moving on...It's utterly pathetic, the state that music and movies are in, these days. Hollywood, do you not have an original bone in your body? Is it so hard to make a good movie?. There are actually people around that think "The Ring" was a good movie! What a steaming pile of junk that was.

What's the point of todays post? One mans trash is another mans treasure. Or, maybe there just isn't a point at all, perhaps I just wanted to rant?. The world may never know.