Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Great job Republicans!. The Republicans have taken the house but the Democrats still have the Senate and the House. It was far less than a victory for Republicans, have a look at poll results; Republican candidates only won by an average of 9000 votes, hardly a victory.

It all goes to show that the country is very divided and older people are very conservative. I have some very bad news for Republicans: old people don't live forever and the younger generation, generally votes Democrat.

I have predictions for 2012, the country will see that Republicans can't get anything done and will take all the blame for further killing this country. Obama will be elected for a second term and Democrats will keep the Senate while taking back some, but not all the seats in the House.

Until then, expect deadlock and expect that nothing will get done while the country crashes and burns. Great job America for putting the people who caused this mess back in charge; of the house anyway. And thanks to all for voting, it's your right.