Monday, March 29, 2010

Republicans are just foam-at-the-mouth mad that we finally have a president that is moving the United States into the 21st century and out of the caveman era they live in.

I chuckle every time there is a call-in and a Republican is chattering away about how our rights are being taken away. Hellooooo McFly! It was Bush that tried to put us in the dark ages and take away our rights.

I swear, if I was at one of these rally's from these nitwits; I would need to punch a sucka out. Republicans need to crawl back into their cave or just leave the country. A little news for you Republicans -- You do not own this country!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The CIA had Kennedy killed because they knew that Kennedy was trying to disband the CIA.

The CIA came to Oswald with an offer to kill Kennedy, Oswald declined. An as of yet unknown assailant shot and killed President Kennedy.

The CIA put the rap on Oswald and he was arrested and booked. When Oswald threatened to rat, the CIA recruited long time associate Jack Ruby to quiet the Rat.

Ruby was booked and tried to kill himself several times. He expressed that he was the only one who knew the real truth. He took the secret to his grave.

As more time goes by, more evidence shall be released. I see a future where we are finally told the truth, and the true criminal entity shall be brought to justice.

The story runs much deeper than the opinion expressed here by me. Government expects to withhold info as long as possible; hoping the public will lose interest.

I have some disconcerting news for those holding out of important info: One day will come and it will not be pleasing to you.