Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Letter to Windows Game Developers:

We all know Microsoft gives you Kickbacks to make your Game Windows exclusive. What if I said you could be making more than the Kickback Microsoft is giving you by making your Game for Linux, Mac and Windows?. You would like that I'm sure, who wouldn't want some extra money.

We understand you are using Microsoft as a crutch and are afraid to let them go. Times change, and so are your Customers, your Customers are moving away from Windows to Operating Systems like Linux which provide more freedom to them. If you haven't been keeping up with the news, Microsoft isn't doing so well anymore and there is no telling how much longer they can provide those Kickbacks to you.

Are you willing to risk making a Game for a Platform that's dying?. Windows is slowly becoming irrelevant, don't let your business become obsolete with it. DirectX and XNA are dead, OpenGL is alive and gives you the freedom to make your Games for all Operating Systems. You're at the Cross Roads now, do you take the Road of endless possibilities, or the Dead End?.

Indie games are cropping up everywhere, making games that are compatible with Linux. Companies like EA are close to going bankrupt, THQ already has. The days of the Big Boys are over, and the Indies and Alternative Operating Systems are coming out in full force. You don't have to trust me, go have a look around, but be not afraid of what you find; the future is bright and full of Freedom and Choice.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Microsoft is losing, plus Linux Tips

"Microsoft’s long-held dominance over the computing sector is coming to an end, say market experts Gartner."


This is great news for Software and great news for people who enjoy Choice and Freedom. I'm sorry about the delay in Part 2 of the Linux Diet, perhaps I will simply post a batch of helpful tips instead. Until then I'm sure by now you have found most things yourself.  You can enjoy Steam and the Software Center.

Also be sure to try DJL for more Games, mostly Free. Also the Linux Game Database has huge lists of Games for Linux. Some Games require Hardware Acceleration and need the Drivers, so make sure to check "Additional Drivers" in the Settings Menu to install those for your card; Nvidia and AMD/ATI work best for most Games.

You can also leave a comment for a Question and I will try to answer it for you if I can, or at least point you to a place that can, Ask Ubuntu is a good place to start. Hope this pretty much covers everything for now.