Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, some people in America would have you believe Social programs such as Social Security are evil and unnecessary; some people would have you believe that. Would you like to see your 90 year old, arthritic Grandmother with Arthritis so bad her bones are twisted, with skin so thin, the slightest bump gushes blood; doing tiresome work?. Would you like to see the mentally challenged as a Teller at the bank desk?, How about the guy with a shot Liver flashing his Yellow eyes and skin next to you at work?.

Ladies and gentlemen, the whole idea behind being an American is helping your fellow man, helping people who are in need. Many great men share this idea, such as FDR and many founding fathers. A true American helps those whom are disabled; whether it be temporary, or for life. Every American deserves the right to life.

Remember this, hatred of something stems from ones own jealousy. Therefore, hatred of Social programs is hatred of America and it's Citizens. If you don't like what America stands for, I hear Iran is nice this time of year.

Vote Democrat in November.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Allow me to tell you some facts that people ignore. The federal deficit is 1.294 trillion, that's DOWN from the $1.4 trillion deficit in 2009. People ignore this. People also ignore the fact that Republicans are 'spend' crazy and Democrats are responsible spenders.

Who wants to make a bet?. I bet you, with all things being equal, if left in office to serve eight years; President Obama would continue to lower the deficit. I also bet you, if allowed to serve only one term and being replaced by a Republican; the deficit would rise.

And to all the people complaining about taxes: America has the LOWEST taxes in the industrialized world. So you have no right to complain and spread BULLSHIT.

Vote Democrat in November and Obama in 2012.