Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The Filipino T-Girl" - An observation by Mike Frett

They live in the Philippines, mostly looked down upon; the Filipino Transsexual or T-Girl for short. Most of their time is occupied by filling Illegal, degrading, and sometimes dangerous jobs in the Internet sex industry.

The Illegal occupation I speak of are T-Girl live web cam sites. These sites usually include all sorts of fantasy category's ranging from Straight to Gay content. It is the Gay content we will discuss in this article.

The Studios that hire these T-Girls are of course Illegal in the Philippines. As to why the T-Girls do this, one reason is that in the Philippines T-Girls are greatly looked down upon; but accepted to a certain extent. And as one T-Girl said to me "To improve their looks, help the family and prove to others that T-Girls are able to work also".

Treatment of the T-Girl by the studio Boss is fairly good. But only because the T-Girl will pull in large amounts of money for the Studio. The requirement to join the studio is to be at least 18 years of age; however, with fake identification provided by the studio boss, T-Girls as young as 16 have been known to work there. And work they do, upwards to the age of 27.

When working in the cam sites, some T-Girls get offers from wealthy business men for sex in a Hotel for the price of only $100 American Dollars, sometimes less. And with AIDS on the rise in the Philippines amongst Gay men, it makes for a dangerous practice.

Also while working, most T-Girls are aware at how simple it is to receive a foreign boyfriend. About 65% of the T-Girls will use this foreign male, who is usually married, as an extra source of income. The money is usually sent by means of Western Union. For the other 35%, a relationship will bloom; even though most are short lived. Relationships usually include the use of Web Cams for various activities, including sexual.

Another danger a model may experience is a broken heart. This is how it works: A client will come to the chat room and give sweet talk to the model everyday until they start to fall in love. But, at the same time, the same client will give sweet talk to other T-Girls until they fall for him. And by now, he has 3 T-Girlfriends. So both the model and the client are fooling each other and are not aware of the deception.

For the T-Girls lucky enough to own their own computer; it makes it a little less dangerous, but still illegal. This Author has spent 6 months of his life gathering information on the life of a Filipino T-Girl, and making friends in the process. So to all the friends that have helped me with information, thank you. I hope this Article opens eyes to the lengths that T-Girls will go in order to make a living in the Philippines.

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By: Mike Frett (c)2009