Thursday, November 20, 2003

Ok so, ABC just did a kennedy thing. I don't care what the people said, The question remains that ruby ,oswald, the cia and the fbi, Right along with cuba, russia and LBJ are all linked in some way and did conspire to kill kennedy.

Like I said, We need all the documents and the evidence. ABC and CourtTV want to put it in peoples heads that the government can be trusted. If they can be trusted then why don't they come out and tell the truth about the assassinatin?

Why don't they come out and tell the truth about the unidentified flying objects that people see? It's not lies, I saw one as a child and still today I know for a fact that these objects exist.

What are they? I can't tell you, But our government knows and is not saying. What about all those guys that heard the shot and saw smoke from the knoll?. And don't forget that "magic bullet" That one bullet did not create all three wounds, Five altogether, Two for kennedy and three for the other guy.

As a final word, Don't you ever allow government controlled media (abc, cbs,nbc,cnn,fox etc.) to control what you think.

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