Saturday, March 20, 2004

The internet as we know it is dying. For to many, It was merely a fad of sorts anyway. Now that the large corporations have taken over it many believe that it's just not worth the hassle anymore.

In the future there will lie a somewhat smaller version of the internet that many will use to shop on with their portable devices. This in turn means that the personal home desktop is also dying, And with it dies gaming.

Gaming is moving towards the console market, of which I shall have no part in supporting, the hassle of having your games pirated is not fun. I'll admit, I don't like the idea of it all, but it's the truth.

I would love to to see game developers show more support for the home desktop and large money grubbing companies give the internet back to the people. but it is looking unlikely.

In the end what is to blame, the consumer? Nah, The blame shall be placed in one thing...Money. It's money that controls you and money that will kill you.

Thank you for for giving me the opportunity to write these two articles today blogger. And thank you internet users for reading them.

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