Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Did you know there are idiots thinking about replacing the face on the $10 dollar bill with Ronald Reagan's?

Give me a break, If any face needs to on a piece of money it's kennedy's (JFK), After the cover-up the USA did on that murder job.

Think I'll buy me an island and make a no money policy. If you want something, Make it yourself. Everybody works for free and reaps the benefits, You want a house?, We all help you build it for free, Need food? We grow/make it. All for free, I'm telling you it would work.

Money is a set back for us humans. We should be working for the betterment of mankind, Not to destroy mankind.

Over and out...if there were aliens, I seriously doubt they would want to visit this sorry excuse for a planet.


Mike Frett said...

Yes I know JFK had a 50 cent piece.

Mike Frett said...