Monday, March 14, 2005

I just can't understand it. We rag on cigarettes about how bad they are and that people need to quit, yet Alcohol is even worse and I don't see one commercial telling anybody about the dangers.

Which includes cancer, liver disease, heart disease and death. I know what it is, people love their alcohol because it makes then feel good and they can't bare to part with it, cigarettes don't make you "high" so no one cares about those, except the ones who are addicted.

But even still, the ones that are addicted want to quit because they're scared. Somebody needs to scare those alcoholics too.

Here's another prediction to add to your books. I say that in this day and age of drugs, in about 20 years we should see a very sharp decline in the population due to all the abusers' dying out due to their past drug use.

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