Monday, July 25, 2005

I just wanted to say something...I hate Spider-Man. How lame can you get? A dude swinging around in a spider out fit and shooting webs from his wrists. The worst part is that the entire series is one big lame love story.

Spider-Man is a wimp. period. The Hulk, now there's a story, Blade, now there's another story. And both would kick the heck out of Spider-Man any day of the week. I wish Sony would kill off this character as soon as possible and move on to better ones.

In other news, I been learning guitar. I'm so close to giving up, I just don't get the Nashville numering system and I can't bend my finger's a cirtain way. I can play but this guy wants me to bend my finger in such a way that it touches two chords at the same time and I can't, I've tried repeatedly.

I know of an alternative way to do it but he incists I do it his way and I can't. He want's me to learn the Nashville system so I won't have to carry around a huge book full of chords. Perhaps it's the way he is trying to explain it or something that I don't get.

He say's I'm doing great but I don't think so. I get so annoyed after lessons that I just give up for several days at a time. I wanted to join a band but those dreams are shot down also because of this. Perhaps I should of just taken up a recorder or something simpler.

It's just really bad when guitar lessons make you want to quit playing and give up a goal and a dream.

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