Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"Censorship in America"

I feel that I must write about this. After watching Brazilian and French Television, I feel that those guys have got the right Idea about Censorship.
Less Violence and just the right amount of sexual content. Example, breasts and behind are just fine. And why not? It's natural.

Let me ask some of the hardcore Religious people a question. Do you get nude when you bathe, or do you keep your clothes on?.
Did you know that it was the Devil that made us wear clothes, not God?.

I say, show the breast and behind and censor the genitals. And show FAR less violence on American TV. Who cares if Janet Jackson accidentally expose a partially covered up breast?. That incident was the most re-watched scenes for that time period.

Yeah, I believe in God. But I don't think that he believes in Censorship. And neither do I. Disband the FCC and piss on their grave.

You know, Networks are partially to blame for this also. They claim their advertisers won't go for nudity on TV. I digress, BBC America doesn't seem to have a problem with partial nudity and advertisers. And the Networks use to show nudity and not have issues either.

It's time these Moral Rebels take a Chill Pill and allow Television to catch up to Civilization.


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