Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There is a lot of talk about Bed Bugs now and how they are making a return to the United States. It has been said that immigration and overseas travel is the culprit of bringing these little creatures back here.

Well, thanks to our mothers and grandmothers they were eradicated. Let's discuss their secret of ridding ourselves of these creatures shall we?. I will give the directions of how to rid yourself of an infestation of Bed Bugs.

Go out and buy the following ingredients: Mothballs, Kerosene and a some type of plastic sprayer. Now grab a small bucket from somewhere in your house and put the Kerosene in it. Let's say you have a 2 gallon sprayer, fill it about half way with Kerosene and add to it half the box of Mothballs.

Allow the Mothballs to dissolve or soak for awhile in the Kerosene. Now go to your Mattress and lift up the seam of it and spray all around there. It's best to do all this outside.

That's basically it, that's how the last generation eradicated these bugs. I'm told this way is guaranteed to rid the bugs from your house. I suppose you could spray this in other places also, like your couch etc. At least you don't need to spend a great deal of money on an exterminator that will charge you for toxic poison. Of course most of them cheat you by diluting the poison with water.

Have a great day and go out and kill some Bedbugs!.

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