Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm not changing my way of thinking just because a few people gathered and decided to be idiots. I am not part of the current American way of thinking. I will not be a part of the destructive properties of the Republican party.

Allow me to elaborate, if Republicans and the Tea Party had their way; your Grandmother would be thanking you for her new cardboard box house. The same people that walk around and thump their Bible, are the same compassion-less and heartless people that are trying to take over America, my country, of which I love so much and hate to see her hurting like this.

What am I writing of?. I'm writing of money that comes from the Government and actually helps people in need. How in the Hell can somebody who enjoys the Bible be so heartless as to say no to somebody truly in need?.

If these 'people' had their way, (honestly I'm reluctant at this point to even call them Human.) several million people, the first year alone would die. This scares me more than Terrorism, Republicans scare me. Actually the term Terrorist should be replaced with Republican in my humble opinion.

Yes I am as serious as a heart attack and if you had half a brain you would be too. As a final thought I will say this: If 2012 is the end of the world, it can't come soon enough. At least those in need would be in a better place and those heartless conservatives would be enjoying their eternity in Hell.

Their are a million ways to resolve an issue, destroying something that helps people is not one of those options. If you don't like that America stands for compassion, maybe you should spend the rest of your time in a different country.

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