Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Guide for Foreigners visiting America:

We love our Guns and in some places carry them publicly. So whatever you do, don't say the wrong thing to somebody here.

We absolutely love violence, so much so that we have dedicated all our Television programming based on it. However, nudity is not allowed, only chopped off heads.

We are a very religious peoples. We attend Church regularly, then come home after for a Beer and some profane language with our friends.

We have some of the very best schools in the world, if you come here; be sure to speak to a student. I'm sure you will find his or her intelligence to be on par with that of the average Chicken.

We take pride in our elections. We have numerous party's to vote for, but we are satisfied in voting over and over for the same two whom always seem to be a 'bad choice' after one year. We Americans take much pride in never learning a lesson.

If you come to America be sure to sign up for a job. In America we expect less work for more pay. Unfortunately this has caused company's to move overseas for cheap labor. But no matter, we just go about our way. We love being ignorant here, please join us!.

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