Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rusty Past

If you were born anytime before the 90's, you would remember, despite the Wars and rumors of Wars; despite the 'goings on'. Things were much, much better.

The rude and ill-tempered types were rare and things were much simpler to grasp. Now, people rarely meet face to face, we only need to step outside or watch Television to see the bad Apples of Technology.

Gone, are the days where things lasted well beyond their Warranty. Gone are the days in which Politicians were here to help the people, and not the Corporations. Wisdom has dwindled to all but a glimmer of it's past.

Life as we know it now, is one spectacular Pigsty. Everyone is offended by everything and your kids are trading nude pictures of themselves on their iPhones. You have no control over any of this.
It's well beyond fixable.

At some point you think you see kindness, but looking through a rusty past that's been twisted by our modern interpretations, it's unclear what you see. But still you look, squinting your eyes, trying to find hope in hopelessness. All the time knowing, the worst is yet to come.

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