Thursday, December 13, 2012

Smart TVs Hacked + Xubuntu Tips

It's official, Smart TVs are now considered Hacked.  The WiFi enabled TVs are the ones that were Hacked. And the devices that have a Camera attached can be used to watch you, even post a live feed to the Internet.

If you don't like it, you should contact the TV makers and tell them you don't want anymore Smart TVs. Also because they are closed source, you may never get an update to fix the problem; especially if your one year warranty has expired. If it has expired, simply put, you're f*cked.

Smart TVs are also a bad idea because Tech changes so fast and most of the Included Tech will be outdated and non-functional within a few months to a year. The only reason they add the Tech is because if they made a basic TV, the price would be too cheap to make a profit.

Ok, Xubuntu tip:

After installing, right click somewhere on the bottom dock and go into the settings for the panel. Somewhere in there you will see a Panel #1 and #2. I think (It's been a long time I'm sorry) it's Panel #2 you want to remove.

Now, the top bar. Same thing, go into the prefs and what you want to do here is Unlock it. While it still has the 'Ants' around it, drag it to the bottom where the dock use to be. Looking more familiar right?.

Go to your start menu > Settings > Settings manager. Go into 'Appearance' and 'Window manager' and select 'Redmond' in both places.

Right Click the 'Start menu' button and select Properties. In the Text field 'Button Title' you can name your start menu, I chose 'Menu'. make sure 'Show Button Title' is check. Beside 'Icon' you can click the current Icon and browse through and select any number of Icons (or your own) to use as the Menu Icon.

Next time we will a Quick Launch group and other stuff. It's a bit difficult because my system is already setup and I can't remember what I did, but we will try.

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