Thursday, August 07, 2003

I think i'm doing this for nothing, Nobody reads this...Alright, So you want to know why the aliens are here? Too bad, That would be like trying to tell that cockroach on your floor why you are about to squish it.

So you bend down and say "I'm going to squash you because you are a bug" So you look at the roach and notice that he has no idea what you said. You see, We now find ourselves in a similar situation with the aliens.

So let's say they do come down. And explain that they are of a higher intelligence than you, Only you don't understand that because we are like the cockroach to them.

On another subject now, Why is everyone sueing these fast food chains? You say McDonalds made you fat?
I'm living proof it don't. I have ate at similar places like McDonalds almost every day for over 8 years now and have gained no more than 2 pounds.

That's right, 2 pounds. I am proof that McDonalds and similar outlets have no effect on you, Insted why don't you sue your mother and father for giving you the genes that make you so large?. Or better yet, Nobody's forcing you to eat there in the first place.

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