Wednesday, February 02, 2005

You know what? Those people in the whitehouse are a bunch of nazi idiots. Hitler used god as an excuse also you know. Hitler had death camps, we have detention camps. Republicans are trying to take over (like the nazis did) and force their corrupt policies and destroy this nation.

Bush wants to "spread democracy" to other countries as well, so watch out cuba, china etc. Bush has half of america brainwashed with his nazi ideas through the partially government controlled media...I'm not one of those brainwashed masses.

I will go to my death with the 100% certainty that bush was one of the worst presidents in my lifetime, if not the worst...of all time. I'm quite amazed that americans arn't upset at the fact that we went to war on the basis of wmd yet none were found, making it an unjust war.

I for one will not be watching the "State of Confusion" speech.

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