Monday, January 16, 2006

You know what?, I wouldn't mind at all if a republican was president as long as the senate and the house are controlled by democrats. Mainly what I'm looking for is balance.

I'd totally vote for hillary clinton if she ran, or al gore. Mostly because they are linked to bill clinton whom I believe is one of the best presidents of my time. For your info, I was born when jimmy carter was president.

Myself, I'm mostly a CNN guy. I use to watch MSNBC but all they talked about was how rich the anchors were. Then I switched to Fox News, boy, those guys are stuck so far up the presidents ass that they don't know up from down. Then came CNN, who I find cater to (mostly) what I believe.

Really though, I don't like any of them, they only give half the story most of the time. I got a buddy in the middle east that I chat with that tells me stuff sometimes and it's nothing like what is reported in the states. Not to mention that they love to put fear in people all the time, like "there's a bomb over here" or "Iran has a nuke aimed at us". it's all bologna.


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