Thursday, April 20, 2006

"The Unbelievable Lump"

You guys arn't going to believe this. So I go to the the doctor today and tell the guy that I have a lump in my breast, so he feels at my breast and says "It's just some infection". I ask the guy if we're going to do a breast exam to see if I may have breast cancer or something.

Now hear this loud and clear, the guy said "Men don't get breast cancer, it's primarily a female condition."

Um...How in the heck did this guy graduate medical school?. Seriously, sombody needs to look into some of these so called doctors. I seriously wouldn't trust that guy to water my flowers, I'd find a different doctor but he knows about my many conditions that new doctors would have trouble with. However, I really should see a different doctor about this lump problem.

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