Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Want a prediction?"

Here's one. Almost all of the hurricanes that will hit the USA this year will at one point reach Catagory 5 status. It's not really a prediction, I'm watching what's going on in Austrailia and what happened during hurricane season last year.

These storms will make Katrina look like a Catagory 1 and will prompt some thinking in the scientific field to find a different scale to measure these things. I'm not typing this to scare people, I'm trying to give out information to help me and other people to better prepare themselves.

Something else is fishy, I've notice the weather forcasts this year to very off. Must have something to do with all those firings, or faulty equipment.

Oh yeah, hey Lay's, if by any chance you read my blog and saw I was displeased with your then current batch of chips, I don't know what you did but the current few batches have been almost perfect. Thanks.

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