Monday, May 15, 2006


Hmmmm...Nice speach Mr. President!. However, I still think if we were to pull out of Iraq we could use that money to fund local law inforcement so they can round up Illegals and put them on round-the-clock trips back to their country.

I mean, if your not going to respect US laws and don't care to learn English, then just leave. And if you do want to respect our country learn our language, feel free to apply for citizenship.

Well, well, well...let's piss and moan shall we?. They say they want to come here because they are poor and starving. Well guess what!, There are many Americans right now that are poor and starving, This American (me)is soon to one of them (I bet some of you guys like that huh?).

Well it's not funny, it's not funny that you and me and many other people around the world are poor and starving, and the future isn't looking so bright either. Money rules the world, Money is God to many people. It's unfortunate that people can't work together to better mankind and not work just for money.

I have a post below, and would greatly appreciate it if you would donate $1, $2, or more to help out at least one person as I have helped out others in the past. Even if you don't donate, once I get back on my feet again, I'll still go out and do volunteer work and donate money to charaties as I have done in the past.

So help a guy out ok?

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