Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election 2012

As I predicted many months ago, Obama get's four more years as President. And that's a good thing for the Middle class and the Poor.

One thing, keep an eye on Georgia, the Republican state. Every election it get's more and more Blue due to more Blacks and Latinos voting. I predict in the years to come, Georgia will, shockingly, become a Blue state.

And I'm sorry, but White people just don't matter anymore. Just face the facts, you are not incredibly important to the election. Blacks and Latinos are the future and that's BAD news for Republicans.

I'm disappointed by the low turnout of Blacks and Latinos, you guys need to drag your friends and family to the Polls. I hope to see an increase in four years. It's bad for America and bad for you if you allow Republicans to win next time, running on their current platform of hate.

And please, Tea Party, go away. You are irrelevant and should be classified as a Terrorist organization due to your extremist views.

I hope during Midterms, to see higher turnout amongst Blacks and Latinos. We need to get those Republicans out of office. So let's do it and here's to four more years!.

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