Friday, November 02, 2012

It's only Garbage

Planned obsolescence, or, Corporations solidifying profits by forging products that break down prematurely. It’s going to be the downfall of mankind as huge amounts of radiant Plastic and Aluminium, glitter at your local land fill.

Remember that old floor model CRT that Mom and Pop had, It lasted a good 20 years right?. You’re lucky if your new LCD/LED flat panel lasts past the manufacturers warranty, which is usually about one calendar year.

The problem with these new devices is as follows; It usually costs more to repair the Item, than to purchase a new one. That’s why we have the name “The throw-away” generation. Personally, I have lost any hope that I ever had for Humanity. We are absolutely hopeless and it can’t be changed at this point.

This is what happens when you, the People, give total control of your life over to the Corporation. Let’s face the fact’s here, nothing will ever get done because at this point on the Human time-line, we are too damned lazy to petition our Government, we can’t be bothered to do such a simple task because there Isn’t a button for it.

And most Politicians don’t respond to Email as they would a hand written letter or a phone call. But we don’t use our Phones to make  actual calls anymore now do we?. I have accepted we are beyond repair and can only wish for the same fate as the Mayans and Dinosaurs received.

The Hippies in the 60‘s and 70‘s were right. Too bad for us, we did not listen. Tell your Dad, I mean, Corporations where they can stick it; I might start having some Faith in Humans. And for goodness sakes, don't use Microsoft products, they are riddled with secret, Government backdoors to Spy on you!. Check out the NSA/Windows 2000 link [here] as an example.

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