Sunday, July 25, 2004

Oh boy what a day. So I go to see my friend and he tells me our friend got killed riding his bike across the highway, he got hit by a semi truck.

We go to see I, Robot and thank goodness , I had thought all the new films were crap untill I saw this. I give I, Robot a 4 out of 5. At least the CGI was great, unlike Catwoman's.

I leave my friends house to head home and my tire goes flat...I don't like phones so I never use them. I walk about 6 miles and no one stops to pick me up, some guys thought it was funny to drive by and hit me with a bottle.

So I figure I can't walk anymore, now I'm not fat or fit but slim. I decided if I just pass out beside the road, someone would call the police or something. Thankfully I saw movement in a house and stopped by, I knocked on the door and told the guy I need an ambulance.
Now I have no Idea why I told him that, I guess I was confused.

The guy said I didn't need an ambulance, I needed a ride. So I call my mother and she only goes a few miles down the road and turns around, she misunderstood my instructions. So I gave the guy $5.00 to take me to the red light in town and called my mother to pick me up there.

So I guess I'll go out there in the morning and see if fix-a-flat will work, if not i'll drag my spare out of the trunk if I can, see, it's under my stereo equipment in a bad place.

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