Thursday, July 15, 2004

This is kind of a personal post for me so hold on. A few months ago my uncle passed away from cancer and it really hit me, the fact of death hit me hard.
It was a sad day because unlike all the other people that die, I knew him pretty well.

Now a few days ago our cat, who we loved extremely, went missing along with five other cats in one single night with no sign of struggle or any noises. I am honestly mad, puzzled and sadden all at the same time.

How could this happen? I am like so ticked off and am going to kick someones ass if a person has kidnapped our cat. She was orange in color and had a purple flea collar. I'm starting to think it was some type of animal that drug them off.

Now the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps some type of chupacabra or such thing has taken her from me. I will kill this alien/chupacabra thing if I find it. six cats just vanished...poof!. I am sooo puzzled and ticked off.

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