Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Last entry about the Storm. So I thought it was over...big mistake. Winds jumped up to 50mph gusts, knocked out power to tons of people and caused complete chaos in my small town.

First the power went out to half of uptown and the cops had to disperse to the red lights to guide traffic. I went uptown to get something to snack on and the store I usually go to was powerless and closed. So I went to my "backup" store which still had power and overheard that the store downtown I was going to, the people left when the power went off with out notifying anyone!.

They just locked up and left without even telling their boss. So I go home and...boom!, the dang light thing blew and took out power in my area for a whole block. So the light guys came and removed a tree limb from the line but didn't fix the power!.

So I rode around town looking for those chemical light tube things that you break and shake to get light you know? well, I couldn't find jack turkey except for mini ones.
Ok so the lights went out at about 9:30pm and they finally fixed it at about 7:30am.

You never appreciate power till you have lost it. Anyway I have never been in such a storm but it was quite an experience. So this concludes my local coverage of the storm.

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