Thursday, September 02, 2004

You guys want to know what's going to happen to earth? Look no further than Venus. If we don't get our pollution under control, the greenhouse effect will clog our atmosphere and trap the heat that we produce, turning earth into a giant furnace.

This isn't a future thing, it's happening right now!. You see these floods, fires and extreme storms? That's nothing compared to what's coming in a few years. All of you have two choices:

1) Sit back and watch it all go to hell.
2) Do something.

Do something? Yes!, you can do something right now by writing or emailing your government. Send those letters before it's too late!
99% of you reading this will no doubt choose option number one and put me, you and our kids at risk for dreadful results.

From one highly advanced animal to another, please get up and help out. What i have told you here is the truth. There is no time left to sit and do nothing.

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Anonymous said...

In the history of the Earth there are warm periods and cold periods. Times when massive storms rage and unusual events occur are not unheard of.

We happen to be in one of the warm periods. Is it being enhanced by 'global warming'? Who knows, but the Earth's atmosphere never was, and never will be, a stable unchanging thing. Enough with the doomsday stuff.