Thursday, July 27, 2006

"ok, ok"

Ok Israel, that's enough. Now let's get a U.N. peace keeping force on the border. Hey...I have an Idea. Let's pull out of Iraq and start a propaganda campaign against terrorists that will get them ticked off at each other and then we can have terrorists organizations fighting each other.

What better way to fight terrorists then to let them fight, and destroy, each other. I've changed my mind on Iraq, I understand why we went in. I know they said it was because of WMD but that's not the truth, truth is the WMD was a cover-up to go into that country and instead of the terrorists comming to America, we can just fight them in Iraq.

We still need to leave though because now it's just turned into a big civil war. Build the Iraqi army up and let them deal with it. And from now on America, let's mind our own business and stay out of all the conflicts. If India decides to nuke Pakistan, just let's mind our own. The situation will take care of it's self.

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