Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Product Review"

This is an attempt at a product review. The product in question is called "Shed Ender" It's one of those "As seen on TV" products.
Shed Ender is for pets that are shedding hair and you're suppose to be able to comb through and it gets all the shedding hair.

What it is, is a heavy plastic handle with a hair buzzer blade screwed on. It seems pretty sturdy but I find it to be quite dangerous. Allow me to explain.
If you press down too hard on your pet while attempting to comb them, it's possible to injure your pet, I know, I tested the darn thing.

I tested Shed Ender against a regular human hair brush and found that the hair brush is more thorough, and safer.

Pros: I honestly can't think of any.
Cons: It's possible to injure your pet and a regular hair brush, Like this one does a better job and is safer.

This is a dead honest review. If you are still interested, Shed Ender is located at:
Shed Ender

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