Saturday, July 01, 2006

"War, War, War 2.0"

So there's this huge conflict that has broken out in between Israel and Palestine and US media doesn't seem to care, doesn't seem to notice. However I bet you that if some little girl that no one has ever heard of (or even cares about) takes a dump on the steps of some remote towns city corner, they'll all flock to that and cover it all day long with a little banner at the bottom of the screen that says "Breaking News".

And in the end everyone finds out that it wasn't the little girls turd, it was some stray dog that left that crap there. And all the while Israel has bombed 20 sites and killed the Palestine prime minster in the process.

And the whole worl...USA is CLUELESS about it. Have the (US) media got it's priorities backwards or what?. And then we expect the rest of the world to jump when New Orleans gets flooded.

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